Terms of Use
For Tyruswoo Team Content
Let's face it, we love you awesome players and game developers!  That's why we keep our terms of use so open.  We want to support the community, and we want you to have full control over your own work.  Just credit us for what we've done, don't steal it or claim it as your own, and if you'd like to share our content, just direct others to our pages.
Terms of Use for Tyruswoo Team's Videos
Our videos are available on YouTube , and are prohibited from being uploaded or distributed on any other site.  There are several sites that have illegally and immorally copied our videos to their sites without even asking or informing us, and we encourage you to not view our videos on their sites, but instead view our videos on YouTube, which is our only video hosting partner.  Viewing our videos on YouTube means that we receive compensation for the views, allowing us to produce more content for our viewers, like you!

However, if you would like our videos available to view on your site, we think that's awesome!  You can easily embed our YouTube videos in your page following these instructions .  If you embed our video as a YouTube video that has a working link back to the video's original YouTube page, then you have our full permission to have as many of our videos embedded on your site as you like!
Terms of Use for Tyruswoo Team's RPG Maker Content
All of our plugins are free to use for both commercial and non-commercial use.  This means that whether or not you want to sell your game, our plugins are always free.

We do ask that you credit "Tyruswoo Team" and/or the plugin's specific developer (i.e. "Tyruswoo" or "McKathlin") somewhere in your game's credits, such as the beginning of the game, the end of the game, or at another appropriate place within the game.  If you specify which of our plugins you used, that is also really cool, but is not required.  If you would like to give us a free copy of your game, that would be awesome, but is not required.

You are free to use our plugins in any way you like, as long as you give us credit.  This means you can modify our plugin's code specifically for your game.  However, do not copy our plugins and claim them as your own.  If you would like to post or share your modified version of Tyruswoo Team's code for the RPG Maker community or for a friend, please either post your code on our plugin's official page on the  RPG Maker Forums or provide a link from your code back to the plugin's official page on the RPG Maker Forums.  Within your code itself, also provide a comment crediting the "Tyruswoo Team" or the individual developer (i.e. "Tyruswoo" or "McKathlin") for the original work, and also provide a comment with the website address of www.tyruswoo.com or the plugin's official page on the RPG Maker forum.

To share our plugins or tutorials, please direct people to the corresponding plugin or tutorial's official page on this site ( www.tyruswoo.com ) or to the corresponding video's official page on YouTube, or to the plugin's official page on the  RPG Maker Forums .

For use of our RPG Maker videos, please see the above "Terms of Use for Tyruswoo Team's Videos."
Terms of Use for Tyruswoo Team's Minecraft Content
Our Minecraft Game Changer and Structure Generators are available for download and use in your world.  You may use our Game Changer and/or Structure Generators on your public or private server.

You may not include our Game Changer as part of a mod pack, command pack, resource pack, or any other form of distribution.  Our intent is that our Game Changer and Structure Generators be downloaded from our official sources on our YouTube videos or from this site.  By helping us keep this standard, it allows us to receive compensation for our work, which means we can continue to produce more great Minecraft content for the community!

If you want to feature our Minecraft creations in your video, you are welcome to do so!  For our command block creations or structure packs that require a download from one of our pages, you may provide a tutorial in your video showing how to complete the download and/or install the machine.  However, you may not copy our files or provide a different download link or other means of distribution.  Please just direct your viewers to our video or page for the download.

For our tutorial videos, e.g. the survival-friendly redstone tutorial videos, you may not provide your own tutorial of how to build the machine.  This is because the purpose of our videos is to provide the tutorial.  In your videos, you may showcase the machine, show how it works, or provide your own review or comparison to other designs.  You may even show yourself building the machine in survival mode, if you are making a survival video series.  However, you may not show how to build our machine in creative mode, and you may not show how to build our machine as the purpose of your video.  If you want your viewers to know the details of how to build the machine, please direct them to our official YouTube video for the complete instructions.  This allows us to receive compensation for engineering our machines, which means we can make more great content for the Minecraft community!

For additional terms of use for our Minecraft videos, please see the above "Terms of Use for Tyruswoo Team's Videos."

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