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Tyruswoo's Game Changer
The Tyruswoo Game Changer contains command block creations and structures that change the Minecraft experience.  The most popular feature is the Tyruswoo Structure Generator.  This powerful machine generates new structures for you to find and explore in your Minecraft world.  You can even make your own structures to be used by the generator!
Game Changer 2

Biome Specific
Structure Generator

Download for Minecraft 1.12

Structure Pack Creation Station
for Minecraft 1.12

Biome & Dimension Specific Structure Generator
  • Biome Specific for 35 Overworld Biomes!
  • Dimension Specific for Overworld, Nether & End!
  • Includes over 100 structures from the Tyruswoo Build Team!
  • Server compatible for Minecraft 1.12 servers.

Creation Station
  • Easily make your own structure pack!
  • Capacity for 3500 structures!
  • Scatter structures: Make groups of structures generate near each other!

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Math Function Library
by emeraldfyr3

Special Thanks
Special thanks to emeraldfyr3 for his Math Function Library!

Also huge thanks to my build team for their awesome builds!
Community Structure Packs

Browse Community Structures

Opens the community spreadsheet, which contains links to downloads.
Please note that links on the spreadsheet are visited at your own risk.
Please report any problems by leaving a comment on the spreadsheet.

Share Your Structures

Opens the form for adding contributions to the community spreadsheet.

Original Game Changer

Download for Minecraft 1.11
(Also works in Minecraft 1.12)

Download for Minecraft 1.10

Original Game Changer
& Structure Generator


Review by Logdotzip

The key feature is the Tyruswoo Structure Generator!
  • Naturally generate 100 different structures throughout your world!
  • Includes 100 structures from the Tyruswoo Build Team!
  • Optional extension inludes space for up to 500 structures, so you can add your own structure packs!
Note:  Structures generate in the overworld, but not in oceans. Also, structure generation is not biome sensitive.

Bonus features!
  • Toggle whether minecarts travel faster on rails!
  • Toggle whether sleeping in a bed causes night to change to day.
"My friends, your Minecraft...worlds are about to get a lot more diverse, a lot more difficult, and a lot more dreally cool! ... Allowing for a Minecraft let's play experience unlike any other!"  - Logdotzip

Random Number Generator
by emeraldfyr3

Special Thanks
Special thanks to emeraldfyr3 for his Random Number Generator!

Also huge thanks to my build team for their awesome builds!
  • Shompta: Build Team Leader
  • McKathlin : Builder and Server Host
Create Your Own Structure Packs!
You can create your own structures, and have them naturally generate in your world using the Tyruswoo Structure Generator!  If you would like some help getting started, check out this video series on how to design structures for natural generation.
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