1. Casual Quest
    "Welcome back to the world of Illuna, a small young planet with a history of strife." Iain Peregrine (Jacob Brennan) has created a hidden gem with this multiplayer action adventure!
  2. BYOND Dream Maker - Build Your Own Net Dream!
    Ever wanted to create your own online multiplayer game? Using BYOND, you can! Let me introduce you to this easy to learn and powerful game engine!
  3. Fun Games, Chill Times!
    Want to hang out with Tyruswoo? Relax and chill playing some classic games? Grab a snack and let's chill!
  4. Starblast.io
    Fast paced multiplayer battles in outer space! Getting back to my roots!
  5. RPG Maker VX Ace
    Learn how to make your own role-playing games! This tutorial series covers how to use events and switches in RPG Maker!
  6. RPG Maker - Make Your Own Game!
    Want to make your own role-playing game? You can! These tutorials will help you get started on an adventure of making your own RPG!
  7. RPG Maker MV
    The latest RPG Maker is better than ever! In this tutorial series, we'll walk through the basics of how to get started using this game engine!
  8. All My Minecraft Videos!
    Everything Minecraft, in one place! Grab a pizza! This is gonna take awhile!
  9. Make Your Own Structure Pack!
    Want to have your own structures naturally generate around your world? Use these tutorials with the Tyruswoo Structure Generator, and you can!
  10. Structure Generators
    Using Tyruswoo's Structure Generators, you can have your own structures naturally generate in your Minecraft world! Or, you can check out the structures Tyruswoo's team has made for a new adventure!
  11. Item Transport
    Get your items where you want 'em, automatic style!
  12. Railway System
    Intuitive, fun design for a 4-way rail intersection! Add this to your Minecraft world, and impress your friends with your awesome minecart rail system!
  13. Brewing
    Brew your potions automatically! These fancy machines will satiate all your brewing desires!
  14. Portcullis Gates
    These popular portcullis designs are the perfect addition to any Minecraft castle, fort, epic wall, or dungeon entrance!
  15. Item Sorters
    Automatically sort your items, with an awesome look and bug-free design that goes beyond the typical sorter designs!
  16. Let's Play Minecraft!
    "We defeat evil wherever it is found. And it is found a lot!" ~Tartant
  17. Redstone Tutorials
    Power, Reliability, Beauty. Designed for practical use in survival, with the highest standards of functionality, bug-free wiring, and decoration-friendly good looks. Here you'll find extensive features in easy-to-make designs. Check out these designs and bring your survival gameplay to the next level!

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